“It’s moral, it’s economical, it’s empirical, it’s statistical, it’s mathematical, it’s social, it’s political, it’s theoretical, it’s rational… It’s an integration of Psychology and Economics”


The Cocaine Postman, Pen on paper & Ps, EC 2011

















Some moons ago I worked in a hulk of a building near Lloyd’s of London. I had to play the role of multi-lingual corporate receptionist. I was installed in a large, marble floored foyer behind a monolithic desk. This desk was useful as I could easily draw, read and write without being seen whilst maintaining the face of the receptionist above. The postman would arrive with his parcels and letters and stop to talk with me. He was always engulfed in an alcoholic mist. Bankers from the dealing rooms would come and tell me about their relationship breakdowns or reunions. The Postman came in one day and asked what I was doing so I told him that I was writing poems. He saw I was reading Birthday Letters too. He got quite excited and told me he loved to write. The following day he came in with a stack of papers and told me it was his poetry and that he wanted me to read it. He told me he was addicted to Cocaine and that his wife had taken their child and left him.

Rational Addiction


Welfare maximizing choices


Untitled, Pencil on paper & photoshop, EC 2011



Black Dog, Oil & Acrylics on wood, EC 2011



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