Oil-based household paints, acrylic, ground pumice & permanent marker on cotton, 102 x 76 cm’s, EC 2012




“The sensible surface of things is never merely a surface.
In an experience, flow is from something to something. As one part leads into another and as one part carries on what went before, each gains distinctness in itself.  The enduring whole is diversified by successive phases that are emphases of its varied colors.  Because of continuous merging, there are no holes, mechanical junctions, and dead centers when we have an experience.  There are pauses, places of rest, but they punctuate and define the quality of movement.  They sum up what has been undergone and prevent its dissipation and idle evaporation.  Continued acceleration is breathless and prevents parts from gaining distinction.  In a work of art, different acts, episodes, occurrences melt and fuse into unity, and yet do not disappear and lose their own character as they do so.”
– From Art As Experience by John Dewey



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