Much Adoodle About Nothing

Fridge Doodle, Ink & Ps, A2, EC 2012



“Masculinity is taken by Freud as the paradigm; he asserts that there is only one libido, which is masculine, and that the psychical development of the girl is at first identical to that of the boy, only diverging at a later moment. Femininity is thus that which diverges from the masculine paradigm…” –

Josefina Ayerza on Lacan’s “Woman Does Not Exist”


One thought on “Much Adoodle About Nothing

  1. The absurdity of Freud’s idea of the “Mature Woman” is shown up in Stephen Jay Gould’s essay “Male Nipples and Clitoral Ripples.” It has hilarious implications for us male humans in our suppositions as regards our part in sexual intercourse!

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