Untitled, Oil, Oil-based household paint, Acrylic & Spray paint on canvas, 100 x 100 cm's, EC 2013
Untitled, Oil, Oil-based household paint, Acrylic & Spray paint on canvas, 100 x 100 cm’s, EC 2013





“Trinity: triads mean the dynamic, process aspect of a striving for wholeness (as opposed to the initial or complete state, the quaternity). In the past, unconsciousness produced a spiritual compensation in a Trinity that needed to separate from and therefore leave behind the fourth, dark, earthy aspect. For Jung, the Trinity symbolized a process of unconscious maturation.

Transcendent function: a mode of experiential understanding that, mediated by the archetypes, unites the opposing aspects of the psyche, thereby forcing their energy into a common channel. The opposites melt together alchemically; archetypes guide the transformation, helping cook the instinct-food over the fire. Opposites coming together releases the energy that was in their tension and looks like a cyclone. Left alone, two opposites will form the “third thing” at least partly in consciousness.

As process, the unconscious produces compensations; as method, we realize them consciously. The transcendent function (don’t confuse with the four orienting functions of the ego) is what makes individuation possible. This function takes place between the superior and inferior functions–so an overdeveloped superior function can interfere. Creative expression and meaning supplement one another to form the transcendent function.

New religions and theories are new reconciling symbols born out of prior confusion, then hardened into containers, then eroded. The definite symbols/concepts of religion can impede the transcendent function.

Thinking: comes in two forms: directed (corresponding to thinking as a function and is in a circular relationship with language) and the spontaneous, creative, nonverbal kind–”dream” or “fantasy” thinking. The directed kind harks back historically to the first calls that water had been found but isn’t exactly the same as inner language (e.g., deaf mutes). Fantasy thinking connects directed thinking to the archaic psyche.”

– Quotes source; Craig Chalquist, MS PhD.



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