Robyn Denny – Abstract Painting – Experience and Meaning

“‘No painting should reveal all it has to say as a kind of instant impact. Abstract painting, that is painting that is not about subject matter, if it is any good should be as diverse, and complex, and strange and unaccountable and unnameable as an experience, as any painting of any consequence has been in the past. A painting celebrates a unique kind of human experience, and no human experience is simple or repeatable or has only one kind of meaning. A painting of any consequence will contain innumerable levels of interpretation as any human experience will. Some levels will remain concealed and only reveal themselves later as a result of parallel human situations. It recreates the complexity of the creative process, but it is also an experience that refers to nothing but itself. Any work of art, a real work of art, is indefinable. I find this a way of measuring a picture. If you can list its visual attributes, and this list is the sum of the experience of the work, then it has very little to say. You cannot list, or name, or summarise the human content of any important work. “


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