The unconscious – that which is not yet conscious in us, unknown to us. The statement –  the accompanying willed, intended and desired text. It is in some sense impoverished by it’s very conscious nature. There is a richer ‘story’. To access that you take a risk and listen to the babble and the utterances, like on the shrink’s couch. My incoherence, your incoherence – that place where there is no clear ‘aboutness’, where there is no single string or pruned and neatened narrative, the material that floats somewhere internally and cannot quite be named – that is something that has perhaps not been given enough regard or respect. This is a statement culture, a world that wants to know ‘what is that about?’  The statement is like a ticket to get you through a door to some desired place.

EC, 2014

Untitled (Destroyed), Mixed media on Canvas, EC 2014

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Yes – That Peter Suchin talk came just in time! His thinking about painting, language, ambiguity, intention and so on really makes sense to me.

  2. This is true Ec and resonates with the work we saw the other day..that place in the subconscious that makes its way forward into what we do.

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