Abcrit, Block K, 13 Bell Yard Mews, 175 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UW

Exhibition opens Monday 11th July 2022.  

Visit by prior appointment, preferablyThursday-Sunday, 2-7pm, or by other arrangement.                   

Text your name and requested date and time to 07866 583629, for return.

The entrance to Bell Yard Mews is opposite White Cube in Bermondsey Street.  

Block K is at the rear of the mews: the gallery is on the 1st floor, no lift.

This is the ninth exhibition

The works in this exhibition have no beginnings or endings of any variety of subject-matter, figurative or otherwise. Nor do they have clear definitions of meanings or motives that I can tell about. But in going through numerous modifications, seemingly of a partially accidental nature, the work moves towards something of a rather wild (that is, unexpected) invented wholeness, discovered at particular moments.

And those “moments”…

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