Pleasure Trip

IMG_0566 40 X 40 CM EC 2018 FWP
Pleasure Trip, Oil, acrylic, spray paint, tape, vinyl on canvas and paper mounted on canvas, 40 x 40cm, EC 2018

Rewire Desire

Rewire Desire, Acrylic, household gloss, oil on canvas and paper, 40 x 40 cm, EC 2018 FWP
Rewire Desire. Acrylic, household gloss, oil on canvas and paper, 40 x 40 cm, EC 2018

Catastrophe Dynamic

Configured Catastrophe Dynamic, Oil, household paint, acrylic, permanent marker on canvas, paper and card mounted on canvas, 25 x 35 cm, EC 2018

Electric Synchrony

IMG_0403 EC 2018 FWP
Electric Synchrony, Oil, household paint, acrylic, tape & spray paint on canvas and paper mounted on canvas, 60 x 50 cm, EC 2018


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Defrag (Five Arrangements), Oil, household paint, acrylic, spray paint & varnish on canvas and paper mounted on A4 card, EC 2018

Object Excite

Object Excite, Oil, oil based household paint, acrylic on paper, vinyl and canvas on canvas, 40 x 40 cm, EC 2018

Essay published on Instantloveland – EC: Ideologies: Divisions, Schisms, Isms and Unbreachable Gulfs

Sudden Shifts in Behavior, Small Changes in Circumstance, Acrylic, oil-based household paint & spray paint on canvas, 103 x 77 cms By EC 2017 B


IMG_0275 s

“Welcome to Instantloveland

Instantloveland takes its name from a painting made by Jules Olitski at the very point in the late 20th century at which the Modernist hegemony in advanced art began to unravel; and it offers a platform for all forms of discourse that seek to better understand what has happened to abstract art between then and now. By both reaching back into its past and considering its potential futures, Instantloveland will explore how abstract art has continued to interact with broader aspects of social and cultural change, whether they be aesthetic, political, philosophical, and/or technological.

We intend to initiate dialogues, share ideas, and provoke thought and argument about abstraction, by examining the diverse forms of art practice, past and present, that acknowledge its influence, and work with, or against, or around it. With these goals in mind, we welcome contributions of all kinds- the written word, podcasts, audio, video, or other new media- from contributors of all kinds, whether practicing artists, writers on art, gallerists, curators, or other interested parties. By way of a return, we offer a vibrant environment in which new voices can be heard; and the opportunity to take part in an ongoing dialogue…”


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