Remembered and Forgotten

Untitled, Oil-based pencil & Graphite stick on A4 Cartridge paper, EC 2013
Untitled, Oil-based pencil & Graphite stick on A4 Cartridge paper, EC 2013




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Untitled (LIARLIAR)

Untitled, Collage, Oil, Oil-based household paint &spray paint on cotton, EC 2012
Untitled (LIAR LIAR), Oil & Mixed media on canvas, 102 x 77 cm, by EC 2012





Edge detail



Edge Detail










Untitled, Oil, oil-based household paint, oil stick, acrylic & spray paint on cotton 123 x 92 cm’s approx, EC 2012











The Thing From Inner Space

Untitled (The Thing From Inner Space), Acrylic, Oil-based household paints, Oil & Permanent marker on Canvas, 123 x 153 cm, EC 2012



concrete abstract

Household paint & collage on card, EC 2012




Household paint on various size card, EC 2012



Untitled (28,11)

Untitled (28,11), Water-based/Oil-based household paints, acrylic & graphite on cotton, 150 x 150 cm’s, EC 2011





“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein

Often things are lying hidden in the Unconscious. You have to leave yourself open so that these influences may surface.

We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect; we apprehend it just as much by feeling. Therefore, the judgment of the intellect is, at best, only the half of truth, and must, if it be honest, also come to an understanding of its inadequacy. – C.G.Jung

The ‘I Ching’ is based on the hypothesis of the Oneness of man and the surrounding cosmos. –  Jolande Jacobi, ‘Symbols in an Individual Analysis’ Man and His Symbols (Carl Jung)

My thoughts turned to the The I-Ching or Book Of Changes as I was painting this. I’ve got a copy of the translation by Richard Wilhelm with foreword by C.G.Jung.  It talks about ‘discord’ and ‘divergence’ in a particular hexagram, saying that yellow is the colour of The Mean (Philosophy of The Mean).  The Philosophy of the Mean links to the Buddhist Middle Way.  There are links between The I-ching, Buddhism and Quantum Mechanics.

“The emptiness of the atom”

The Book of Changes also speaks  about discord and divergence ‘containing the hidden possibility that tensions have already been resolved.’  It talks of ‘Astronomical opposition’ and ‘The two movements that are in direct contrast’ but that also work together.  This is relevant to this painting and to my thoughts on emotional and intellectual cognition.

‘How to both join and separate things?’

The title for this piece comes from the I-Ching itself.  It is named after two hexagrams – Nº 28, ‘Ta Kuo’ or ‘Preponderence of The Great’, which talks about extreme forces, collapse and the centre of gravity being a thick beam. The other hexagram is Nº 11, ‘T’ai’ or ‘Peace’ and refers to ‘The Receptive’ and ‘The Creative’.  Nº 11 states that The Receptive is essential to The Creative. Hexagram Nº 11 also talks of harmony. It speaks of the dividing of time and the ‘marking off of infinite space’.  We make maps in the chaos, we mark off time and the seasons and find patterns in our Universe.

This was exhibited at IMPRINT, a Fabelist Festival at The Serpentine Gallery’s Centre of Possible Studies, 21 Gloucester Place W1U 8HR



Untitled, Water based household paints, acrylic & pumice on cotton bed sheet, 183 x 153 cm’s, EC 2011




Untitled, Water based household paints, acrylic & pumice on cotton bed sheet, 183 x 153 cm’s, EC 2011




Untitled, Water based household paints, acrylic & pumice on cotton, 183 x 153 cm’s, EC 2011




Pleasure Trip

IMG_0566 40 X 40 CM EC 2018 FWP
Pleasure Trip, Oil, acrylic, spray paint, tape, vinyl on canvas and paper mounted on canvas, 40 x 40cm, EC 2018

Catastrophe Dynamic

Configured Catastrophe Dynamic, Oil, household paint, acrylic, permanent marker on canvas, paper and card mounted on canvas, 25 x 35 cm, EC 2018

Electric Synchrony

IMG_0403 EC 2018 FWP
Electric Synchrony, Oil, household paint, acrylic, tape & spray paint on canvas and paper mounted on canvas, 60 x 50 cm, EC 2018


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Defrag (Five Arrangements), Oil, household paint, acrylic, spray paint & varnish on canvas and paper mounted on A4 card, EC 2018

Object Excite

Object Excite, Oil, oil based household paint, acrylic on paper, vinyl and canvas on canvas, 40 x 40 cm, EC 2018

Essay published on Instantloveland – EC: Ideologies: Divisions, Schisms, Isms and Unbreachable Gulfs

Sudden Shifts in Behavior, Small Changes in Circumstance, Acrylic, oil-based household paint & spray paint on canvas, 103 x 77 cms By EC 2017 B


IMG_0275 s

“Welcome to Instantloveland

Instantloveland takes its name from a painting made by Jules Olitski at the very point in the late 20th century at which the Modernist hegemony in advanced art began to unravel; and it offers a platform for all forms of discourse that seek to better understand what has happened to abstract art between then and now. By both reaching back into its past and considering its potential futures, Instantloveland will explore how abstract art has continued to interact with broader aspects of social and cultural change, whether they be aesthetic, political, philosophical, and/or technological.

We intend to initiate dialogues, share ideas, and provoke thought and argument about abstraction, by examining the diverse forms of art practice, past and present, that acknowledge its influence, and work with, or against, or around it. With these goals in mind, we welcome contributions of all kinds- the written word, podcasts, audio, video, or other new media- from contributors of all kinds, whether practicing artists, writers on art, gallerists, curators, or other interested parties. By way of a return, we offer a vibrant environment in which new voices can be heard; and the opportunity to take part in an ongoing dialogue…”


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