IMG_8213 51 x 42 cm by EC 2017
Echoic, Acrylic, oil, paper, tape & household paint on canvas, 51 x 42 cm, By EC 2017

Generative Procedure

Generative Procedure, Oil, oil-based household paint & acrylic on canvas & on paper with collage mounted on card, 18 x 18 cm approx, By EC 2016

Chaotic Configuration Catastrophe Dynamic

Chaotic Configuration Catastrophe Dynamic, Oil and acrylic on linen on board, 25 x 31 cm, By EC 2016

Divisions, Schisms, Isms and Unbreachable Gulfs


12 x 14 cm by EC 2015 FWP
Divisions, Schisms, Isms and Unbreachable Gulfs, Oil & mixed media on canvas, gouache, acrylic, oil-based household paint & collage assembled on card, 12 x 14 cm approx. By EC 2015