Making Painting Abstract. Curated by Robin Greenwood

Untitled-1 LINDEN HALL 2020

PV April 4th, 2 – 4 p.m.

An exhibition of paintings curated by Robin Greenwood

32 St George’s Road, Deal
Kent, CT14 6BA
+44 (0) 1304 360 411

“This exhibition emphasises some of the differences between art that is an “abstraction”, connected to and derived wholly or partially from existing visual images and varied subject-matters; and these examples of recent paintings that have none of those origins or recognisable characteristics, and that can therefore be more freely and simply called “abstract”. Such characteristics in painting are active changes still in progress. The distinctions become more apparent as we progress beyond abstraction’s beginnings in figurative and geometric composition and expressionism to the more complex and independent directions taken by wholly abstract new painting…” – Robin Greenwood

Image: Pleasure Trip, 40 x 40 cm, EC 2018

Figura: Micro Macro at Durden and Ray, Los Angeles

I will be showing two miniatures at Durden and Ray gallery, Los Angeles in the upcoming exhibition; Figura: Micro Macro. The show will then move to Luxembourg, where the Luxembourg collective miMO will exhibit it in an ancient former monastery.

Artists: Carlos Beltran Arechiga (USA), EC (UK), Ivana Cekovic (Luxemborg), Joe Davidson (USA), Ian Dawson (UK), Jeff Desome (Luxemborg) & Carlos Lopez Estrada (USA), Tom Dunn (USA), Brian Thomas Jones (USA), Katarzyna Kot (Luxemborg), David Leapman (USA), Bertrand Ney (Luxemborg), Karolina Pernar (Luxemborg), Alison Woods (USA)

Curators: Alison Woods, David Leapman, Carlos Beltran Arechiga, Ivana Cekovic

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Image: Bertrand Ney, Untitled (MiMO sculpture series), 2018, resin, 4 x 4 inches approx




Details and preview of the exhibition are on ArtLyst and myartguides: and we are also on the Venice London Art Map.


The Quietus


Miniscule Part 2

I will be participating in this group show at Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, Cumbria. Curated by Vanya Balogh


miniscule cross lane projects flyer


More info here:


Group Show with Paste Table Gallery


Artists – Anonymous (Parc Prison), Colin Barnes, Clara Basoni, Gaye Black, John Bunker, EC, Nick Cash, Helen Chadwick, Jo Clare Martin, Kike Congrains, Tina Dempsey, Bobby Dowler, Agustin Fernandez, Matthew Freeth, Matt Hale, Michael Hampton, Sean Hillen, Dani Kwee, Ruth Novaczek, Ashley Reaks, Fiona Rukschcio, Garth Simmons, Alison Sye, Tinca Veerman.

Curated by Nick Cash

Read more about Paste Table in this interview here

Now up on Instantloveland – EC and Simon Haddock discuss ‘FamilyHouseSpace’

early stages of FHS
FHS under construction, 2018. Photo – Simon Haddock

EC and Simon Haddock discuss ‘FamilyHouseSpace’